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Diabetic Foot and Neuropathy Management

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Diabetic Foot Management

A diabetic foot is a foot that exhibits any pathology that results directly from diabetes mellitus or any long-term (or "chronic") complication of diabetes mellitus. Presence of several characteristic diabetic foot pathologies such as infection, diabetic foot ulcer and neuropathic

osteoarthropathy is called diabetic foot syndrome.


Due to the peripheral nerve dysfunction associated with diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), patients have a reduced ability to feel pain. This means that minor injuries may remain undiscovered for a long while. People with diabetes are also at risk of developing a diabetic foot ulcer. Research estimates that the lifetime incidence of foot ulcers within the diabetic community is around 15% and may become as high as 25%. Uncontrolled diabetic foot may suffer from the very bad consequence

of amputation.


Attendees of this Diabetic Foot Management will learn the risk factors related to the development of diabetic foot, how to diagnose diabetic foot, the latest medical management of diabetic foot and the surgical management of diabetic foot.

Who Should Attend?

  • This activity is designated for all medical doctors, surgeons and nurses working in all healthcare facilities.

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