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Fri, 26 Apr


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Online Professional Diploma in Healthcare Management

Empower your professional Career by a 5-Star Quality Training & British Certificate. Join the Online Professional Diploma in Healthcare Management delivered by SMART as an affiliated Training Facility to London Academy of Healthcare Management. WhatsApp +973 36077750 - Email:

Online Professional Diploma in Healthcare Management
Online Professional Diploma in Healthcare Management

Time & Location

26 Apr 2024, 9:00 AM GMT+3 – 18 Aug 2024, 5:00 PM GMT+3

Zoom Cloud Meeting

About the event

Program Contents:

1. Healthcare Governance (30 Hours)

Healthcare facilities at different levels of operation whether public, regardless of its complexity, should have an accountable team/committee or even a person that delivers strategic direction. This module focuses on how to establish a governing body that can regulate and control a robust facility and ensure its integrity in a very dynamic culture of needs and ambition.

2. Healthcare Strategic Management (30 Hours)

The leadership part will focus on how to develop a sustainable ecosystem that can provide high-quality patient care, safe healthcare services in an efficient manner. How to create teams and committees that can take part in managing different business units and collaborate in a homogenous way. How to analyze the business and cooperate with different stakeholders.

3. Healthcare Quality Management (30 Hours)

Improving the quality of processes and maintaining acceptable levels of performance are critical factors in the success of any organization. This module is designed to prepare attendees to develop the required knowledge, skills, and practices necessary to efficiently influence and continuously improve the multiple elements of care delivery within a healthcare organization. Acquire a solid foundation of the different improvement and evaluation methodologies through multiple examples and participation in critical thinking using different quality improvements tools and methodologies for example PDCA/PDSA, FOCUS-PDCA, Six Sigma, and Lean Healthcare.

4. Healthcare Performance Indicators (30 Hours)

Performance management is a key to the long-term success of healthcare organizations. This module emphasizes that good performance management is a process, not an event. Plan a multidisciplinary process that occurs continuously and not just once a year. This performance management process creates a work environment in which employees are enabled to reach their maximum potential performance through alignment with the healthcare organization’s strategic directions. Learn how to develop a framework to measure administrative, operational, and clinical

performance. Learn classification of healthcare indicators: structure, process, and outcome and their challenges. Develop the skills to create client and staff satisfaction surveys to assess different domains of operation.

5. Healthcare Risk Management (30 Hours)

Learn the principles of healthcare risk management. Identify the framework of risk analysis according to the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standards. Identify the different categories of healthcare risk management. Understand and master the different perspectives and retrospective tools to analyze risks. Learn how to develop a risk registrar and how to develop risk management plans to prevent, mitigate and treat different types of risks. Develop effective and efficient risk management skills, enabling you to establish an effective safety program, conduct a review of workplace issues, and support caregivers after major errors.

6. Patient Safety (30 Hours)

Understanding the key component of safe healthcare service is highly important. Learn how to develop a culture of patient safety. Identify the 18 safety targets in the healthcare arena. Identify the most common factors responsible for medical errors and how to create and implement a plan that can address all the patient safety priorities according to the Accreditation Standards that you adopt in your facility.

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7. Medical Error Management (30 Hours)

Identify the epidemiology of medical errors. Learn the different definitions and types. Identify the common venues of errors. Learn the causes of medical errors. Learn the strategies to develop to prevent and manage errors.

8. Infection Prevention and Control (30 Hours)

Infection is a potential risk that endangers both the healthcare providers and recipients of care. Learn the components of the chain of infection. Identify the Standard Precautions. Learn how to develop Infection Prevention and Control Manual. Develop the skills to develop IPC Policy. Learn the principles of the sterilization process and the important indicators that are used to ensure the best process.

9. Healthcare Accreditation (30 Hours)

Determine the best accreditation system that fits your organization most and how to implement it. Measure, score, and evaluate your organization against accreditation standards through the self-Assessment process. This module will enable you to understand and explain the standards, develop the documents required for accreditation, and deploy different quality functions needed to implement accreditation systems.

10. People Management (Human Resource) (30 Hours)

Identify the standards of human resources in healthcare facilities. Understand the components of the orientation program. Understand how to develop and maintain staff records. Learn how to identify the need for new staff and how to create selection criteria. Identify the Health Program of every staff. Develop the skills of creating Annual Appraisal and recommendation writing. Develop skills in managing people in organizations to maximize their performance through active learning and hands-on activities. This approach guarantees knowledge acquisition and skills development in alignment with the best practices in People Management.

Method and Venue of the Delivering Teaching:

§ Online Teaching Modules

§ Two patches of training will be running simultaneously: One patch to attend full weekend days and Second Patch to attend twice per week during the weekdays according to the candidate's convenience.

§ Platform: Smart Management Consultancy Zoom Cloud Business Account that could be changed in the future to be SMART Management Consultancy Electronic Learning Platform. Filmed Video records of Training will be available in the future as a reference for the candidates.

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