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Incident Reporting & Management

Two-Day Workshop

Medical errors or mistakes in healthcare services are so frequently happening in the day to day medical practice. There are many forms of medical errors some of them are fortunately discovered before reaching patients, some of them have non-significance effect on patients, and others may lead to loss of function or even death. All national and international healthcare quality standards and national health regulatory authorities urge healthcare facilities to establish a system of incident reporting and management and to create a patient safety culture that empower staff on incident reporting and finding ways for preventing such error from repeated future occurrence. This workshop will empower its delegates on how to do incident reporting, proper disclosure technique, finding the root cause of the error and finally putting a plan to prevent the error from recurring.


  1. Medical error Epidemiology: The magnitude of the problems

  2. Causes & Types of medical Error, common venues and Strategy that works.

  3. Medical & Dental Error Case Scenario

  4. Ten Steps needed to Manage Medical error

  5. Timely reporting of medical error

  6. Disclosure Technique

  7. Do Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of medical error: Learn Fish Bone Analysis and 5-Whys

  8. Identify Priority domains to correct medical error using Tree Diagram

  9. Use of PDCA methodology to prevent Error from Happening

  10. Practical training and exercise on implementation of: Disclosure technique, Fishbone analysis, 5-Whys, Tree Diagram and PDCA

  11. The Second Victim


  • Be a safety & quality champion

  • Do no harm

  • Saving business

  • Practice with self confidence

  • Avoid preventable error

Patient Safety and Medical Error Incident Management


  • Organization leaders

  • Directors and managers

  • Quality leaders & Champions

  • Head of Departments

  • Accreditation Coordinators

  • Safety officers

  • All healthcare Staff

  • Community group interested in risk management


  • Positive Reputation

  • client Trust

  • Client satisfaction

  • Improve business safety practices

  • Avoid preventable claim

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