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NHRA Accreditation

Healthcare Accreditation Workshop

An extensive Two-Day Workshop with 8-CME Credit Hours by NHRA that is designed for all healthcare professionals to understand what is Healthcare Accreditation, how to interpret accreditation standards and build strategy for self-assessment against the national NHRA or international Accreditation Standards. Additionally, learn how is the survey process is running and policy behind the evaluation process.

Healthcare Accreditation Workshop

An extensive Two-Day workshop designed for all healthcare professionals who are interested in healthcare quality and patient safety.


  • Understand the Healthcare Accreditation concept

  • Understanding how to interpret the NHRA standards

  • Understanding how to interpret the The JCI,  the Accreditation Canada  and the Saudi CBAHIstandards

  • Learn how to do self-assessment against the Accreditation Standards

  • Learn how to develop indicators and Evidence of Compliance (EoC)

  • Recognize how the Survey Process is running

  • Identify the accreditation evaluation process and the different levels of accreditation

8-CME Credit Hours by NHRA Bahrain


  • All healthcare practitioners and professionals  including doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, and healthcare allied services

  • Healthcare Managers and Leaders

  • Head of Departments

  • Quality leaders and Accreditation teams

  • Infection Prevention and Control Committees

  • Facility Management and Safety Officers


  • Learn how to achieve NHRA Accreditation

  • Achieve mandatory requirement in Bahrain

  • Saving business

  • Practice with self confidence

  • Avoid preventable risk


  • Work with confidence

  • Performance Comply with the Accreditation Standards 

  • Be a Quality Champion 

  • Fulfil your role a a leader

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