Surgical Emergencies in Pediatrics

Surgical Emergencies in Pediatrics

Pediatric surgical emergencies are associated with higher morbidity and mortality. Late presentation and lack of knowledge of pediatric surgeons, pediatricians, A/E, family doctors and GPs staff have been responsible for the higher mortality seen. 

Pediatric surgical emergencies remain a challenge to surgeons and several factors may be responsible for the higher morbidity and mortality in emergency cases. The need to make prompt and accurate diagnosis with limited diagnostic tools is a major task. Even when the diagnostic equipment and personnel are available as is the case in many tertiary healthcare facilities. In addition, patient factors such as age at presentation and the primary pathology necessitating surgery may contribute to the high mortality in this group of patients.


Topics to Be Covered:

1. Types, causes and risk factors for pediatric emergencies 

2. Pediatric Emergencies Presentation and Surgical Management


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Who Should Attend?

  • All All medical doctors, pediatricians, surgeons and nurse.All doctors, pediatricians, surgeons and nurse.All medical doctors, pediatricians, surgeons and nurse.

  • All those who are interested in pedicatrics care.

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