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Certified Professional in Infection Control CPIC

Certified Professional in Infection Control. Smart Management Consultancy in collaboration with the American Institute for Healthcare Management is organizing a 4-Day Education Course over two weekends Friday& Saturday on 24-25 November and 1-2 December 2017 starting at 3:00 pm and finish at 9:30pm

Certified Professional in Infection Control CPIC
Certified Professional in Infection Control CPIC

Time & Location

Time TBD

Location TBD

About the event

Unlike other certification courses on infection Control, the main strength of this CPIC course is to provide clear, up-to-date and practical guidance in infection control in an easy to read format which can act as a quick source of reference on all aspects of HCIA for healthcare workers who are either directly or indirectly involvd in prevention and control of HICIAs. Although the course's main audience is infection control practitioners such as doctors, nurses public healthcare physicians, it is also a valuable reference for environmental health officers, health educators, practice managers in G Surgeries, and Health service managers.

CPIC course is designed to enhance the healthcare professional's ability to implement recent changes in the industry and offered practical guidance on implementing systems and processes to improve outcomes and advance patient safety.

CPIC Covers the full spectrum of infection control - from the fundamentals of the science of infection control, through a thorough discussion of operational issues., and the application of the principles of research. Real-life case studies from renowned healthcare organisations. It examines the newest scientific advances in the science of safety.

Topics Include

- Principles of Infection Prevention and Control

-Healthcare-Associated Infections

-Various Types of Micro-Organisms

-Chain of Infection

-Audit and Surveillance

-Infection Control Professional Responsibilities

-Reporting Accidents



-Isolation and Cohort Nursing

-Hand Hygiene

-Personal Protective Equipment

-Decontamination of Equipment

-Safe Use and Storage of Cleaning Agent

-Safe handling and Disposal of Sharps

-Prevention and Management of Cather-Associated UTI

-Prevention and Management of Surgical Site Infection

-Prevention and Management of Hospital and Community-Acquired Pneumonia

-Waste Management

-Ethics of Infection Prevention Control.

Brief on American Institute for Healthcare Management

American Institute for Healthcare Management (AMIHM) si proud to announce its successful accreditation from the International Accreditation Organization (IAO), effective September 2017.

AMIHM has invested months preparing for this accreditation. This process required examining and documenting all of our management processes, and making sure through internal audits that processes are consistent and excellent.

AMIHM was audited by the INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION ORGANIZATION (IAO), the #1 Accreditation Agency for Education Providers Worldwide. Our motivation to obtain this accreditation was driven by a desire to meet the Healthcare System's needs and to increase our student's satisfaction. We believe that being accredited will be increasingly important in the Heathcare Industry that we serve.

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