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OneSource Document Solution

Smart Management Consultancy is the official Value Added Agent for oneSOURCE Document needed for information for use for every healthcare facility either big surgical hospital or small dental clinic.


Improving patient safety is the highest priority for any healthcare facility. And it's job one for your Central Sterilization Department. Unless you are following the validated manufacturers' Information for use (IFU) and Periodic Preventive Maintenance (PPM) documents to the letter, then the outcome is guesswork and patient safety is at risk.


With oneSOURCE, your Infection Control and Risk Management teams can rely on the fact that your facility is in compliance with accreditation standards for AAMI, CMS, Joint Commission, and AAAHC. oneSOURCE can also help improve performance in the OR by tracking physician preferences and managing time.


All of these benefits to your facility add up to time and money saved. It's why healthcare facilities across the world are asking for oneSOURCE by name. Read what facilities and manufacturers say about oneSOURCE.


“I was impressed with oneSOURCE document site's service even before we became customers. All our questions regarding instrument reprocessing were answered, and I received in hand the manufacturers' instruction document that day. It was amazing. Now that we are customers, oneSOURCE document site has improved the efficiency of our Sterile Processing Departments with easy-to-use, unlimited access at nine different sites.”

Catherine Williamson,Manager Central Sterile Services Alberta Health Services Edmonton Area, Canada

When you subscribe to oneSOURCE, every department in your facility has 24/7 access to the information they need to comply with Joint Commission accreditation standards.

The Joint Commission revised their requirements for accreditation stating that equipment must be maintained according to manufacturers' recommended guidelines. These manufacturers' guidelines are commonly found on oneSOURCE. If we do not have a document or manual that your facility needs, our team will add the requested item to our Equipment database, at no extra charge.

Your subscription to oneSOURCE makes compliance with accreditation standards easy by eliminating the expense of maintaining and updating IFU documents, and by making these documents easily accessible to every department within your facility. Think of oneSOURCE as an online electronic binder that everyone in your facility can access with a click of a mouse.

Contact us for more details or free Webinar on how to get the most value from oneSOURCE. 

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