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Want to Be Sustainable Business: Here What You Can Do

We live in complex world with lots of challenges in terms of resources, waste, poverty, moral and ethical worries, business difficulty; last but not least, human movement. In the direction of meeting such challenges, Sustainable People should ideally understand what burden they reflect and what precaution and practice should they do. Legitimate Corporate will choose to do Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Initiatives to be sustainable corporate and I, at the personal level, chose to be a Sustainable Person.In a world with previously mentioned challenges, there is a room for customer responsibility toward sustainability. This customer responsibility can be presented as personal preference and loyalty toward supporting companies that invest in sustainability and likewise, take a major role to show anger and rejection to malpractice and excessive resource consuming of other companies and refuse to be part of their customer network.

Mahatma Gandhi one day has been requested by a mother to advise her child to stop eating sugar. He requested her to come after one week. On the day of advice he said to the child “Do not eat sugar”. The mother was shocked as it took from her 6 days to travel on both ways and she screamed “that is it!!”. Gandhi claimed it took from him one week to stop eating sugar and now he honestly could advise the child. Commitment and believe to what you are doing.

Soft drinks industry use marked amount of our world water resource to do its business. In 2008, It took about 2.43 liters of natural water to produce one liter of beverage of soft drink cola (1) and Coca Cola company reported “In 2014, we used about 305 billion liters of water to produce approximately 162.6 billion liters of product”(2) It seems to me an extreme wastage of limited water resource. I chose to do like Gandhi and going to quit soft drinks.

Truthful Sustainable Companies are using GREEN technologies that don’t disturb our environment and conserves natural resources to produce their products (3). These Green products are easily recognized and Green Label is printed on both the product and package. Select Green on your next purchase.Select devices and tools to reserve resources such as the saving led light bulbs and solar powered devices to save energy. Install aerators on domestic and garden water faucets devices in your home and at your office to reduce water usage (4).

Support community and make a balance state of purchasing form both local and hyper markets to provide some financial support to neighborhood. Donate your undue electronics to those who need it and if possible provide training and share in community activities. Support social, environmental and health causes and participate in related activities.Support your environment. Establish a simple waste disposal system even at home. Increase awareness and deliver training to those around you to comply with proper waste disposal. Use and encourage recyclable products. Realize papers as tree leaves, any paper you waste and miss consume think that you share in its loss. Decide to adapt Use-Reuse-Recycle concept.

Say, I am Sustainable Business or Person. Be conservation activist. Look for conservation projects that work to protect marine, animal and forest life and try to be part of it. They clean occasions and seashores, preserve high risk species and grow and cultivate trees and green.Stephen Covey said one day “if you want to master something, learn it, do it, commit to it and then teach it”. Learn and commit to social responsibility, do your effort to play a model role and finally communicate these principles to family and friends. Outstandingly say: I am Socially Responsible Sustainable Person.

The references in this articles support the given definitions and the Coca Cola Company 2014 Report data published in its website.

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