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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Over decades, corporates have been known as a source of business building and revenue generating for shareholders and an opportunity for locals to found appropriate working positions. It was nothing more for corporate but to generate profit. With time, business organizations started to participate in community sharing in terms of philanthropy, that is to say, giving direct money and donation to community. Gradually, business industry and services went to the next development step in terms of exporting products or services beyond national boarders, manufacture in a cheap affordable markets and looking for overseas outsourcing partners, and they called all of these “Globalization”. However, wi

Want to Be Sustainable Business: Here What You Can Do

We live in complex world with lots of challenges in terms of resources, waste, poverty, moral and ethical worries, business difficulty; last but not least, human movement. In the direction of meeting such challenges, Sustainable People should ideally understand what burden they reflect and what precaution and practice should they do. Legitimate Corporate will choose to do Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Initiatives to be sustainable corporate and I, at the personal level, chose to be a Sustainable Person.In a world with previously mentioned challenges, there is a room for customer responsibility toward sustainability. This customer responsibility can be presented as personal pr


We all know that to conduct a project we pass through essential phases of planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluation and response. However, the process usually takes different scenarios. Among lots of conducted projects and plans I come up with five points that, in my humble opinion, are useful and worth sharing. PLAN-A and PLAN-B: Project leaders usually have Plan-A, and if failed they are ready with Plan-B and even Plan-C. I think this is inappropriate. We do not know exactly what are the root causes of failure to Plan-A or at which stage the plan will stop. We need to acknowledge that emergences usually pop up and disturb the proposed plan. This will be followed by denial and acceptan


Managers and seniors give briefing and awareness presentations to staff at all level as part of their responsibilities. They present information and data in a way that they think it will be understandable to audiences and reflect a true message. But did they think; how attendees feel about the invitation they received to attend this meeting and its proposed topic. I put myself in an attendee shoe; active, busy, have tasks to complete and suddenly; receive invitation to attend IMPORTANT meeting. Surprisingly, it reflects amazing experience and real confrontation to identify how attendees feel towards such urgent call for a meeting. I found it really interesting to mention this in a letter fo


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