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Why pursue NHRA Accreditation coached by Smart Management Consultancy

This is a true letter sent by Miss Elyn Palos, an accreditation coordinator to her Manager, talking about the benefits of purse NHRA Accreditation coached by Smart Management Consultancy.


Dear Respected Manager,

We have conducted the first introductory meeting with a Smart Management Consultancy staff regarding their Accreditation Coaching and Consulting Services that they will provide to our healthcare facility. The consultants elaborated to us the scope of services that their company will be rendered in our healthcare facility. They gave us a clear picture of what to expect during this coaching and consulting services. It was strongly emphasized that they will provide us what we need as per the Accreditation Standards and support us with the new release of NHRA policies and guidelines, but we are the ones who will perform the task, learn from the experience, develop and empower by the given training and at the same time enjoy the privilege of the improvement that we will achieve. And the thought that all of us will be given the chance to have equal participation in this is a very good idea.

Sir, we need to identify our weakest point that needs attention the most. And take the advantage to utilize this consultancy and coaching service to help us build up these specific spots and be able to maintain the standards even right after the training, and even right after the accreditation. It's called integrity.


Sir, we can take it as an opportunity to grow as an employee and be better. So as to familiarize and focus on each of our designated functions. Because as observed, some of us here are not responsible enough to cooperate. And others are getting too dependent on the other. Even some doctors are not following and respecting the rules imposed by the management. To be honest, even I myself need to improve as an employee too. The thought of being hired in this institution means we are qualified enough to do our duties and should be expected to execute it with the best of our abilities. We just need a little push. Nobody is perfect. We make mistakes. But a mistake is part of learning. This will be the best chance to squeeze out the potential of everyone. We have to grab this chance to pass this accreditation and gain knowledge individually at the same. It's going to be a Win-Win Strategy.


I think all of the establishments have their Mission and Vision. The main purpose is to motivate the employees and to provide a goal that helps to align everyone with the organization, and also ensuring that everyone is working towards a single goal. This helps to increase efficiency and productivity in this institution.

We are already a well-established institution for a couple of years now. We are not a beginner. And I think we are already halfway prepared for the accreditation so there's nothing to worry about. As you have said, this healthcare facility is our home. And as a family we are a team and a team must be strong enough to stand and support each other in every crisis. Let us start this consulting, coaching and training by being optimistic. By that, we can win. We can do this, in God's will.


Elyn Palos,

The Accreditation Coordinator


This letter has been approved for publishing as a blog by the owner of the email and the corresponding manager of the facility.

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Jgk Fj
Jgk Fj
Sep 13, 2021


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